Our Suite Clients

We have an incredible range of clients, from busy stay-at-home parents to high profile executives. We believe that the key to successful staffing is rooted in a three-dimensional approach and begin the process by sending a limited number of vetted candidates to the client to determine a client’s interest level and ensure their needs are met. A potential candidate could be perfect on paper, but in order to ensure compatibility and have a successful partnership, the chemistry between employer and employee must also be cohesive.

For clients, The Suite Staff sources potential candidates tailored to your specific job search and needs to ensure the highest quality employment match. We practice a rigorous vetting process of all applicants with interview screening, verbal reference checks, social media review, and finally employ a Private Investigator to conduct an extensive background check. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality during and after the placement process.

Our job truly starts when the placement is complete. The Suite Staff helps our clients navigate the complete hiring process including providing employee feedback, facilitating annual raises or bonuses, and all other details to maximize the effectiveness of your new employee and ultimately retain them for the long term.

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant duties can include household administrative support, managing inventory for the household, running local errands, gift buying, completing research projects, event planning, booking travel, and making restaurant reservations. PAs will have strong technology and computer skills and often manage correspondence on behalf of the household. Personal Assistants typically work out of a home office, and their hours can be full time, part time, or on-call.

Executive Assistants

Executive Assistants provide all general administrative support to the Executive: manage the Executive’s daily calendar (including scheduling meeting and confirming appointments), prepare reports, make travel arrangements and detailed travel itineraries, act as the first point of contact for the Executive, complete research-based projects, maintain and improve current systems, handle confidential information, oversee basic bookkeeping tasks, and communicate on behalf of the Executive. EAs work full time out of a corporate office.

Family Assistants

A Family Assistant works as both a Personal Assistant and a Childcare provider within a household. Family Assistant is a hybrid role often referred as a Jane/Jack of All Trades. Responsibilities and the breakdown ratio of Personal Assistant vs Childcare may vary depending on the employer’s needs and the ages of the children. Family Assistants typically work full time in the home.

Chiefs of Staff

Chiefs of Staff act as the gatekeeper for the Executive/Principal. The COS works behind the scenes to solve problems and deal with issues before they are brought to the Principal. They collaborate with the Executive’s team to determine and prioritize business strategies and often handle the daily operations of a company including meeting preparation and working with Principals Executive Assistant. Relationship building is a key component of this role. They can also act as a confidant, sounding board and trusted advisor to the Principal. Chiefs of Staff work full time and can work out of the home or office, or a combination of both.


Childcare providers are responsible for caring for one or more children of all ages. Their duties can include researching age appropriate activities and classes, arranging play dates, helping with homework, driving/carpooling, doing and sorting children’s laundry, cooking for the kids and organizing the playrooms, kids’ rooms/closets and more! Nannies/Mannies can work on call as a Babysitter, as a travel nanny, part time, full time, live in or live out. We also provide Rotational “ROTA” Nannies who work week on/week off.


Housekeepers are responsible for the overall cleanliness of the home. Making beds/changing linens, sweeping/vacuuming/polishing and mopping floors, deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, doing household laundry, ironing linens and clothing, keeping inventory of cleaning supplies, dusting/polishing furniture and reporting any necessary repairs are all part of a Housekeepers duties. Housekeepers work part time or full time.

Private Chefs (drop off and in-home)

Private Chefs are skilled culinary professionals responsible for preparing specialized meals for clients in their homes, from three meals a day including snacks to only dinners. They plan meals according to clients’ specifications, shop for meal ingredients, maintain the kitchen inventory and clean the kitchen after meals. Chefs can provide formal service, act as a bartender and cater events and dinner parties. They can cook to suit your dietary needs (i.e.: vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, gluten free, Calorie Count, dairy free, Mediterranean Diet, Kosher, etc.) Private Chefs can work part time, full time, do drop off services or work a special occasion such as a dinner or cocktail party.

Newborn Care Specialists (NCS)/Doulas

A Newborn Care Specialists/Doula is an expert in newborn care who helps new parents transition during the first few weeks of life at home, aiding in everything from breast-feeding, bathing and diapering with the main goal of helping establish a healthy routine and sleep pattern. The Newborn Care Specialist/Doula can work part time (12 hours, day or night shift) or full time (24 hours) for a specific period of time, usually 2 weeks – 12 months.

Household Managers

House Managers keep things running smoothly in the employer’s home. House Manager duties include overseeing the household staff (including training, supervising, and hiring/firing), coordinating with vendors, managing bills and accounts of the home, and interfacing with family attorneys as necessary. Household Managers often create Household Manuals which are a customized guidebook that establishes a standard for the home. Household Managers typically work full time.

Estate Managers

Estate Managers are thought of as the CEO of the Household, carrying out the wishes of the Principals at each property by managing the day-to-day operations. Estate Managers typically set the service standard and are responsible for a vast array of duties including but not limited to accounting/budgets/payroll, screening and overseeing outside vendors, supervising renovations, travelling to properties to prepare for Principals arrival, executing events and interfacing with attorneys and other professionals.The entire household staff including House Managers may report directly to the Estate Manager. Estate Managers work full time.

Companion/Senior Care/Elder Care
Elder Care workers assist seniors in all aspects of daily living. Meal preparation, basic cleaning, management and administration of medication, assistance with mobility and transferring, overseeing hygiene and dressing and overall safety and comfort of the client are all essential responsibilities of this role. Senior Care workers can be part time or full time, including overnight shifts.

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