Location: SF

Private Chef needed to cook dinners a few nights per week for a couple in Pac Heights

We are looking for a part time chef to cook dinners 1-4 times a week in Pac Heights. This couple has never had a chef before, and is flexible to have someone cook dinner once a week, and leave things to reheat for an extra dinner or two during the week. They are open to hiring someone up to 4 nights a week (M-Thurs) depending on your availability. Ideal candidate will have other clients they cook for, and is looking for a part time dinner client a few times a week. The couple likes to eat healthy and flavorful meals. They have a few fruit allergies, and prefer vegetables to be served cooked (not raw.) Ideal schedule would be to shop on Monday afternoons, cook dinner to be served at 6:30 and possibly make enough for leftovers the next evening. And then come back on Wednesday and repeat shopping and cooking portions for 2 nights. This can all be flexible depending on the perfect person - ideal hours will be two, 4 hour days. Salary DOE, $65-$75/hr. Please send your professional resumes to: